Monday, September 24, 2012


As a diversion today, I added "color tab completion" to the Factor environment. I even made the color names render with their assigned color value:

For the curious, I extended the tools.completion vocabulary to implement a "colors-matching" word and then added a "colors-completion" type to the UI.

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Unknown said...

hi john, a good test to validate a language, is to take a large project that took many years in a lower level language, and by using your language of choice, try to reach the same goals in a time frame of months.
of course they had done the design, learned from mistakes, and the new product is just a copy of the api and gui, a sort of clone. But other than design decisions, this does show if a language is more productive.
a large project can be an operating system like beos, which the haiku-os have been labouring on using c++ for 10+ years now.
(ok, so factor probably can't handle the low level kernel stuff but maybe another safe language can. clay?)