Friday, August 14, 2015

Desktop Background

One of the benefits of learning to program is learning how to automate tasks performed with a computer. I thought it might be fun to build a simple vocabulary to allow getting and setting of the desktop background picture. Since Factor makes it pretty easy to build cross-platform vocabularies, we will implement this on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Our API consists of two words, one that gets the current desktop picture and one that sets a new desktop picture, dispatching based on which operating system we are running on (technically, based on the value of the os variable).

HOOK: get-desktop-picture os ( -- path )

HOOK: set-desktop-picture os ( path -- )

Mac OS X

On Mac OS X, we use AppleScript to ask the Finder what the path to the current desktop picture is, or tell it to set the desktop picture to a specific path.

M: macosx get-desktop-picture
        "osascript" "-e"
        "tell app \"Finder\" to get posix path of (get desktop picture as alias)"
    } utf8 [ readln ] with-process-reader ;

M: macosx set-desktop-picture
    "tell application \"Finder\" to set desktop picture to POSIX file \"%s\""
    sprintf run-apple-script ;


On Windows, we use the SystemParametersInfo function to get and set the desktop wallpaper.



M: windows get-desktop-picture
        0 SystemParametersInfo win32-error<>0
    ] keep alien>native-string ;

M: windows set-desktop-picture
    [ SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER 0 ] dip utf16n encode
    0 SystemParametersInfo win32-error<>0 ;


On Linux, which has many different desktops, we are going to assume a GNOME environment. Other window managers have different ways to change the desktop background.

M: linux get-desktop-picture
    } utf8 [ readln ] with-process-reader
    "'file://" ?head drop "'" ?tail drop ;

M: linux set-desktop-picture
    } swap absolute-path "file://" prepend suffix try-process ;

This is available on my GitHub.

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