Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manipulating Files

Java has had historically frustrating API's for interacting with files. In Java 7, these API's were cleaned up a little bit. A blog post demonstrates some examples of using these new API's. I would say, though, that Factor demonstrates a much simpler cross-platform API:

Creating and Deleting Files

To create a file, simply:

( scratchpad ) "/path/to/file" touch-file

To update file permissions (on unix systems), you can use the vocabulary:

( scratchpad ) "/path/to/file" OCT: 666 set-file-permissions
Note: it would be nice to support parsing "rw-rw-rw-" and "g+x" and similar permission strings, and probably not very difficult.

To delete a file, simply:

( scratchpad ) "/path/to/file" delete-file

Copying and Moving Files

To copy a file from one path to another:

( scratchpad ) "/path/from" "/path/to" copy-file

To copy a file, and preserve its file permissions:

( scratchpad ) "/path/from" "/path/to" copy-file-and-info

To copy a file into a directory:

( scratchpad ) "/dir1/file" "/dir2" copy-file-into

To move a file from one path to another:

( scratchpad ) "/path/from" "/path/to" move-file

To move a file into a directory:

( scratchpad ) "/dir1/file" "/dir2" move-file-into

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Jon said...

I like how the blog post says "[...] you can perform the following operations on files with only a single line of code:" and all the examples are 2 to 6 lines of crazy static typing redundancy.